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When Your Mom Asks for a Diaper, It’s Time To Get Sewing!


I had given up much of the disposables in my life for some time.  I recycled/re-purposed all my tupperware and switched to glass jars, swapped out paper towels for cloth and I couldn’t tell you the last time I bought paper napkins.  We had been using  dish towels and rags for years, but now with my 18 month old being well out-grown for his newborn sized prefolds, they became our go-to napkin stash.  Or stack.  Very large stack.

this is about 1/16th of my “stash”
 Yes they were a bit bulky and the absorbency was definite overkill when all you needed was to wipe a wee bit of sauce off your chin, but they were available, by the dozens, and they did the job.
My parents were visiting for a few days and as we were sitting down to a big, delicious dinner my Mom speaks up and says “Oh, I need a diaper please”.  Not what you want to hear your mom say.  Ever.  And at dinner?  Oy.
And so I knew it was time to retire the prefolds.  We needed simple, durable and attractive napkins.  It was a simple enough task and certainly my family was worth it.  And that was also something the reminded me of something my Mom had said (don’t worry, nothing disturbing about this one)…
When I was about 15 and living at home I had woken up from a nap (ahhhh, remember those?) and came into the kitchen to find my mom, her hair tied up in a red kerchief, buzzing around from stove top to table to fridge to sink.  The table was set and every inch covered with homemade goodness.  There was yet more bubbling away on the stove top.  Apparently she was out to impress someone.

“I didn’t know we were having people over.  Who’s coming for dinner?” I asked, not even awake yet.

“No one.”  She seemed puzzled I would ask that.

“What about all this food?”

“It’s just for us” she answered matter-of-factly, continuing to buzz about the kitchen.  “We’re worth it, aren’t we?”

Certainly our family didn’t sit down to lavish meals every night.  Some nights we barely sat down.  But that stuck with me.  And so while the newborn prefolds were getting the job done, I wanted Real. Nice. Napkins for my family.   Because my family is worth it and so is YOURS!  And of course because I don’t want to hear another adult request for a diaper as I sit down to meatloaf and mashed potatoes.